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My Pal Gwyneth

Gwyneth-smallIf I met Gwyneth Paltrow in person, she and I would practically be besties. Well, maybe that’s a tad of an overstatement. I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I have stalker tendencies. Those are reserved for the ilk of my psycho-ex 3; a story I’ll save for another blog. No, I’m simply referring to the respect and admiration I have for the Shakespeare in Love & Iron Man series star turned fempreneur mogul. I actually have never met Gwyneth, but came close when I attended what I call the inspirational-estrogen-fest aka BlogHer ’15 convention. There were many memorable moments at this summer’s conference, but one of my favorites was hearing Gwyneth Paltrow’s keynote address to the 3,000+ female bloggers present in the NYC midtown Hilton. I am impressed with Gwyneth, not just because of her prodigious talent, her company Goop, or her basic “I-take-no-S#*T-from-anyone” empowered attitude. I am a true fan of hers because of her positions & opinions as a holistically oriented mama. And I think Gwyneth gets where I am coming from because when I wrote about, and tagged her on Instagram, she actually responded with an emoticon! Yes, SHE did – not someone on her behalf – and it wasn’t just a smiley face. It was the kind of emoticon you’d have to search for because it was a more elaborate representation of her approval and acknowledgment of what I had posted. How cool is THAT?! So that’s why I have decided, if she and I were to meet in person, I’m sure we’d be besties . . . or at least we’d have a lot in common. In fact, I’m sure you would get along well too. (Here is where the head scratching commences.) What do you and Gwyneth Paltrow have in common? A LOT if you’re one of the concerned Americans who is choosing to bring in the light and fight “the DARK Act”. What is that, you might ask? You can visit for more info. but here is the short version:

Congress is considering the Deny Americans the Right to Know – or DARKAct, which would block all states from requiring labeling of genetically engineered foods.

Big Food lobbyists – including the industry front group Grocery Manufacturers Association – are pulling out all the stops to get this bill passed. I just added my name asking my representative to oppose this reprehensible bill (yes, “reprehensible” really is the right word).

Please drop me an email: to ask me more about this if you’re unfamiliar with the topic. If you HAVE heard about it, then read and sign here!

If you want to learn more about GMOs or do your own research, start by visiting my website and check out the resources I have listed on my homepage about GMOs, Monsanto and food culture in general. Don’t be fooled. GMOs aren’t about feeding the world, or good science . . . the more you research, the more you’ll know. And even if there were an upside to GMOs, hiding them or altering our food without allowing us – the consumers – the right to know and choose if we are selecting products and produce that are GMOfree is the highest form of unethical behavior in my book.

It’s my body, my kids, and my right to know what I choose to eat, and feed my family. Gwyneth agrees with me. I am pretty sure you will too.

So thank you for caring and SHARING! Every voice and vote counts. PLEASE do your part, and help get the word out.


My 1st Huffington Post blog – My “Reluctant Lesbian” Mother & Gay Culture

Words cannot express how honored and happy I am to have my first Huffington Post blog go live.  I am so grateful to my mother, about whom it is written.  Mama, you taught me to use my voice creatively and unabashedly.  It’s because of you I am the #humanist, #activist & #advocate I am today…

#MaM – The Beat Goes On

I wrote my first March Against Monsanto blog on the eve of the NYC event dedicated to fighting the dazzling array of disinformation that exists about GMOs and other world evils forced upon us by the agribusiness behemoth Monsanto and its allies. And truthfully, I am still on a high from the event that took…

March Against Monsanto

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, by now most people have at least heard of Monsanto. It’s the company that went from producing Agent Orange in the late ‘60s-early ‘70s to creating GMOs and then patenting the seeds! And last, but not least, it’s the same company that makes the favorite household brand of…

Pop Culture Counterpoint

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  In the case of two recent upheavals in the zeitgeist, I’d say that’s an understatement. I’m speaking about the uproar caused when Derek Jeter’s super model girlfriend, model Hannah Davis posed suggestively – I’d say pornographically – on the cover of Sports Illustrated newest swimsuit edition. …

Bruce! My Valentine’s She-ro!

“… Considering the violence and discrimination that transgender people endure, no one would go through this except for the most profound of motivations: to be authentic to one’s inner self.” (Nicholas Kristof, NY Times) Authenticity to one’s inner self? It’s not just a powerful ideal, it’s the embodiment of SELF-LOVE and the perfect topic to…

The Story of Nick

Mundane and expected – parents approach the bittersweet final weekend of summer wanting to make sure the summer beach toys are put away, sleep schedules are being wound back and calculators are purchased in anticipation for what will be just another regular school year. And it isn’t just the parents who are focused on the…

Good Morning Heaven

Many won’t ever know what it is to lose someone they love after that person has lost their own sense of personal joy. I do. Though the final lynch pin in my mother’s medical madness that stretched across most of my childhood and adult life, was technically cancer, her first diagnosis and underlying illness was…

Prelude to Extreme Guide to Parenting


It seems appropriate that Andy (aka my honey) and I co-write a blog on the eve of the premier of Bravo’s Extreme Guide to Parenting. If you haven’t seen the tweets and posts splattered across my social media, we’re the first family seen on the series and along with Emma and Yonah, offer a non-traditional…

Mama Loves a Parade


Because yesterday was the 5 month anniversary of her passing and the NYC Gay Pride Parade, I invite you to read the (newly edited) piece, shared on a favorite place for all things women related – my sister blog, on BlogHer. For Mama, and all the reluctant lesbians who have gone before . . ….

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Join Shira at the Holistic Moms Network Monthly Meeting
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“Why Can’t Unicorns Be Real?”

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