Why Diva Mama?

Because that’s what my license plate says so I’m going with that, though actually, I’ve had that nickname for a few years now.

The name represents the two symbiotic yet disparate aspects of my life. Diva is to Mama as yin is to yang.

Imagine, if you will, a cosmic kitchen where a little sign announces that the child-advocate-vegetarian-eco-Kosher-Goddess is trading in her apron for the day in order to explore the world’s stage or at the very least, treat herself to a mani-pedi. My very essence, in fact seems inexplicably intertwined in a delicate dance that my “Diva” side does with the “Mama” side.

But seriously, like me, you are probably not doing enough to restore your chi, replenish your energy and nurture your inner diva (we all have one, you know).

This blog then, is meant to support, brighten, and inspire.

It is about finding, honoring and embracing the relative happiness that we all should embrace as human beings on this planet.

My Diva-Mama blog offers tips and transformational tools, serving as a guide to staying connected, in touch and in flow. I take a fresh look at balancing life, love and laughter with everything else Divas must do to help you nurture and inspire your inner Diva.