About the Diva Mama Aromatherapy Sprays

What is Aromatherapy?

The ancient use of plant essences to affect changes on all three levels of our being – mind, body & spirit. Shifting your energy field creates a synergistic effect in your spiritual, emotional and physical body. TM Diva Mama Aromatherapy Synergy Sprays Clear ~ Center ~ Nurture and Inspire your Inner Diva for a truly vibrant state of being.

Safe and Eco-Conscious

The Diva Mama Aromatherapy Synergy Sprays received four stars from NY’s Green Living, Eco-Chi designer, Debra Duneier and are eco-consciously produced with recyclable, environmentally friendly labels and the highest ranking “safe plastic” bottles. Each spray is hand filled by a Master Aromatherapist in Woodstock, NY, and includes only the finest, therapeutic grade ethically harvested essential oils, plant based dispersing agents and a dose of vibrant energy in transcendent blends evoking the same properties that ancient people sought out for their sacred, healing journeys.

Suggested Use

Spray 2-3 times in the space around your head & shoulders or in front of your body. Inhale deeply and smile! You’ve just treated yourself to a vibrant dose of Synergy Spray. To enhance the Synergy Spray experience, download guided meditations on ShiraAdler.com (available soon) and embrace the vibrant life you deserve!

What’s in Diva Mama Aromatherapy Synergy Sprays & What Do They Do?

CLEAR ~ White Fir, Rosemary Verbenon, Himalayan Cedarwood, White Sage

White Fir brings in tremendous amounts of light, Rosemary Verbenon is illuminating, bringing sun to darkness, Himalayan Cedarwood purifies & White Sage clears darkness.

CENTER ~ Egyptian Geranium, Coriander, Bergamot, Vetiver, Oakmoss

Egyptian Geranium is calming and harmonizing, Coriander bridges to your roots, Bergamot invites us to pay attention, Vetiver strengthens connections, Oakmoss integrates and consolidates.

NURTURE ~ Cinnamon Leaf, Camphor, Cumin, Canadian Spruce, Labdanum

Cinnamon Leaf connects us to our life’s purpose, Camphor harmonizes the heart, Cumin stimulates the heart, Canadian Spruce recharges and gives an energetic boost, Labdanum seals in all the good juicy stuff.

INSPIRE ~ Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint, Bulgarian Rose

Frankincense bridges to our Divine Consciousness, Ylang Ylang calms the spirit, Peppermint inspires new ideas and helps to amplify the effects of Frankincense, and Rose is the scent of Heaven.

Information on the essential oils and their properties provided by Certified Aromatherapist Lisa Kadison (Owner of Terralumina, Woodstock, NY)

What People are Saying!

“Love – Love – Love your diva mama aromatherapy sprays. After two days of trade shows on my feet for 5-8 hours I wanted to crawl home and crash. A little spritz from each bottle and I felt like I was energized again. I awoke with a slight headache and sluggish mood, spritz spritz and I am ready to be a positive productive Monday morning business owner. Thank you for creating this dynamic product I can see it will become part of my daily life.”

~ Dana Boulanger, Publisher Natural Awakenings Magazine (Westchester/Putnam)

“I’ve had the craziest week and three sprays of this around me and me breathing it in, just made me instantly feel so much better and so relaxed. Thank you, Shira.”

~ Judy Goss, CEO of Over40Females, national spokesperson & former Beauty editor More Magazine

“I love the products and found them refreshing and mood enhancing. The clean sensibility and therapeutic lure transcends you to another place with just a spray. A nice treat through ones hectic work day.”

~ Christine Morra, Executive Director, Finance & Business Operations, Condé Nast Publications/Glamour

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