Equinox and Lunar Tides

Spring is finally here, and not a moment too soon.

Winter was brutal this year, with record snow fall, ice, high-winds, cold and isolation befalling most of us like never before.  Helpless through most it, we could only ride the wave, and I often thought that both nature and the indomitable human spirit are driven by natural forces just beyond our control. Whether physical, spiritual or emotional, like it or not, these forces become the conduit for change on the earth.

Tonight, as I sit here quietly, it seems like our planet is under siege,  even more so than usual.  A massive earthquake and tsunami have spelled disaster in Japan.  It’s what I always imagined the end of the world would look like if it happened to me, but it didn’t… it happened to them and I watched a little, before I could stand it no more and turned away.

I saw a recap of the Japan disaster on a cable news channel known for its right-wing views.  I only watched a little before I felt tears welling up behind my eyes.  So, I took a breath, turned off the television and walked outside to clear my head.  I looked up, and there before me — hanging in the twilight, eerily, momentously, was the biggest full moon I’d ever seen.

The Spring Equinox had arrived and brought with it a super-moon, as NASA is calling it.  Wow.  I’m no Carl Sagan, but this was big and I couldn’t help but feel differently.  I noticed a yearning for newness; an invigorating pull towards fresh beginnings and a desire to shed more than my winter clothes.   I was moved to read about the super-moon, because it felt monumental, inspiring, and because I needed to take my mind off those poor souls in Japan.

I won’t regurgitate most of what I learned about lunar phenomena.  Suffice it to say,   this lunar effect is being felt by many in ways big and small and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist, wiccan or medicine-wheel elder to notice.

But what mattered most to me as I read about tides and rotational axis is whether we’re dealing with a lunar pull, a tsunami or a human voice calling out from rubble striving for healing, each voice matters and has as much significance as a million.

As I thought about rockets launching in Libya and radiation exposed milk in Japan, my recent woes with my son and his school seemed small and perhaps they are.  But this is exactly what the beauty of tonight’s rare moon signals to me as spring alights my doorstep.

The heavens are brilliant because of the totality of the celestial bodies emanating at their own destined level, pace, energy and speed.  It is the cosmic weave of this heavenly tapestry that reminds me we are each here for a purpose, to learn life lessons, to love and be loved, to mourn, to suffer, to rebuild and to move on.

Each lifetime is comprised of an intricate coalescing of all the events, experiences and expressions we offer as spiritual beings living a human life.

So as I write this I am reconnecting with the power of my celestial light.  Being a fierce mama-bear wiling to take on any issue on behalf of my children, raising awareness and my voice is my way of trying to add some light to the vastly illuminated heavens.

It’s not easy competing with natural world wide disasters, so the best we can do is just be present and show up as our authentic, impeccable selves.  And the rest, as they say, is in God’s hands.

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  1. Jenn Deutsch
    March 21, 2011 | 2:15 pm


    Stars and moons and celestial light and how I wish I could have clear views. The celestial light always guides me. It is that light that provides hope and fulfills dreams! It is the light that guides not only you fierce mama bear, but me too to be the best I can, be true to myself and do the right thing no matter how easy or hard. Look to that light to believe and have strength. Trust me, when I see stars in the sky, or the moon, I see friends and hear songs from way up in the mountains I love. I know those stars are the lights and strength from those that love and support me and stand by me. In addition, some star lights are big and some are small, but they each matter and are each important and filled with love and wisdom! Trust me! I also want to say you have perspective, not that what you need or are the path you are taking is small, but that there are others and other paths going through similar, worse or better things than you. There are things we can learn and do about and things that are out of our control. I am learning that there are times no matter how much I try to help, or look sadly at pictures on tv, I can not go pull people out of rubble, but I can send what little change I have and gather basic goods from hotels like shampoo to be sent as quickly as possible. Be present is in the FISH PHILOSPHY I live by. One is to be present, two is to choose your attitude and I choose to be positive, three is to play and I try to have fun every day and not forget to play daily and lastly to make someones day … Thank someone or tell them a good job or just give them a shoulder and it goes a long way.


    • Diva-Mama
      March 21, 2011 | 4:17 pm

      As always Jenn, a wonderful, powerful expression of clarity and wisdom. Thank you. The heavens shine a bit brighter because of your light too.

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