In high school I had a teacher who was a homophobe, albeit a nice one.  I hadn’t been aware of this until one day during my senior year civics class we were engaged in a model congress session.  My teacher had proposed anti-gay legislation so I did what any self-respecting liberal young woman would do in that situation; I challenged his way of thinking, pointed out the statistics that proved gay couples who adopted or gave birth to children were more likely to raise heterosexuals and then asked him if he had known any children who were actually raised by a gay couple?

He replied, no.

“Actually you’re looking at one.  My mother is a lesbian and I have trouble with anyone who tells my mom who she can love and how she is allowed to live her life and raise her children.”

By noon my younger sister, a sophomore, heard about my bold statement and honestly, was ready to kill me for outing our mother and ruining whatever social normalcy she or I would ever have in that high school again.  Gee, I hadn’t thought about that in the heat of the moment.

Thankfully, the repercussions weren’t nearly as bad as we thought they would be and in fact some people thought I was pretty cool for being that brave.   But more importantly, my mother thought the whole experience was wonderful and actually, kind of funny.  On that day, I earned her pride and respect for standing up for what I believe in and thus began my career as a budding advocate.

This weekend, twenty-four years later, I am jumping up and down on my well-worn soapbox in honor of the NY State Senate passing Gov. Cuomo’s legislation legalizing gay marriage!

It’s been a long time coming and for all of us who believe personal freedom and self-expression is the right of everyone, this is a victory.  But more than that, it is a victory of light, love and the higher vibration most of us covet so dearly; so I say – YAY!  As the sixth state to ratify gay marriage and the largest to do so, this was a good weekend for the higher vibe and a proud moment for all New Yorkers!


PS – Since I am also an Interfaith Minister, I say bring it on!  If you know someone who is seeking a registered NY officiant, I’m here to serve!

2 Responses to HIGH VIBE – 1, HOMOPHOBES – 0
  1. Jenn Deutsch
    June 27, 2011 | 7:21 am

    AMEN NY and let the rest of the USA follow! Whether straight, gay, purple, black, white, green, thin, fat, short or tall all that matters is that you have a good heart and are a good person!

    • Diva-Mama
      June 27, 2011 | 7:42 am

      Woot-woot! True dat, sister!

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