Spiritually Sexy – A New Resolution for 2013

Now that the holidays are almost done, it’s time to return to one of my favorite (and too long neglected) topics – nurturing our beautiful core essence, aka the inner Diva. With the end of the Mayan calendar behind us, and the New Year in front of us, I am looking forward to things that…

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Response to Newtown Tragedy

As a parent, I cannot imagine a deeper sorrow than losing a child. It is unfathomable that almost five months since the loss of life in Aurora, CO, our nation is mourning a mass killing spree horror again. I speak of the school shooting 30 miles north of my home, in Newtown CT, which is…

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Thanksgiving Treasures

On our national day of thanks I have a lot to be grateful for, and never has a day of thanks been needed more than right now. Much of our shared experiences these past few weeks sounds like a bad pitch in a development meeting at Paramount Pictures: large parts of New York in near…

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Create Like a Child

My budding artiste wrote (and recorded, thanks to my honey, the Producer) her first full song. I am truly amazed. Of course I always knew she was musical and yes, I take some credit for her genetic predisposition to being artistically inclined. But this music came from a place that I am unfamiliar with, or…

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Heavenly Katie Couric

Imagine being trapped under water for 15-30 minutes. Picture a shadowy creature with metal protrusions in the form of tin crowns, spiking off its seven heads. Consider picking up a paintbrush, never having had a lesson in your life, and watching as strange, powerful and mythical brush strokes flow from your hands as if someone…

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Near Death = New Life

[For those who may have missed the news that I was the invited guest blogger on Katie Couric’s new ABC talk show yesterday, below is a reposting of the blog that appears on KatieCouric.com. The follow-up post to the show yesterday will appear later this week. A special shout out to the incredible women at…

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Seasons, Cycles and Sounds

As soon as Labor Day is over, like many, I mourn the end of summer days and begrudgingly readjust my body and alarm clock to a new (and now that my eldest has started middle school) ungodly early wake up time for a fresh school year. For those who are of the Jewish faith tradition,…

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Parenting While Professional

[Note from Diva Mama: Parenting While Professional was originally posted on the New York Women in Communications blog, Aloud. I want to extend a personal thank you to NYWICI, editorial maven Michelle Hush, and to co-editor of Aloud, Deanna Utroske, for granting reprint permission and going above and beyond by taking the time to write…

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Marvin equals Mensch

Please, don’t let this feeling end It’s everything I am Everything I want to be I can see what’s mine now Finding out what’s true Since I found you Looking through the eyes of love I did it. I finally sang for Marvin Hamlisch. He wasn’t there in person but I know he heard every…

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Uncle Marvin (Hamlisch, that is)

Marvin Hamlisch was a wonderful, sweet, funny man.  I knew him. I treasure my memories of him, and his contribution to my life will never be forgotten.   I don’t have that many people who served as loving, appropriate, father figures.   Note to any actual biological parental units checking in: that statement isn’t meant…

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Clear Synergy Spray

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