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While I’m best known as a singer and spiritual counselor, using the incredible modality of Past Life Regression to help people is one of my greatest passions. I offer this service as a certified Past Life Regressionist because I’ve witnessed first-hand the power of this technique in clearing trauma, phobias and karmic issues. I can assure you it’s a wonderful, powerful and incredible tool that can help you lead a better, more productive, more joyous life; the life you and your loved ones have always deserved.

Whether you or someone you love is suffering from anxiety, depression, eating disorders, learning issues, chronic fears and physical challenges, or are looking for a deeper interpersonal connection – Past Life Regression is gentle, effective and beneficial for adults and children.

By using light hypnosis you always remain in control, in a fully relaxed, comfortable state.

The best part about Past Life Regression is that all beliefs are embraced, whether spiritual or not. Anyone can benefit from its positive effects.

Serving the NY metropolitan and tri-state area, my practice is based in Katonah, which is located in northern Westchester County, NY.

Past Life Regression – because releasing what’s old can create a whole new you!

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What is Past Life Regression Therapy?
PLR is a gentle and effective therapeutic modality that allows you immediate access to the root of any trauma, phobia, physical challenge or karmic issue. In as little as one session you can receive insight and inspiration, connection and clarity from issues that affect your life.

How often should I have sessions?
There is no other therapeutic modality that I have ever experienced that has such profound effects in potentially such a short amount of time. Dramatic results can happen in one session and because Past Life Regression is so effective the amount of sessions needed to achieve results varies based on your interest, need and what makes sense for you. There is no timeline, no pressure and never any judgment. The purpose is to clear the negative emotion stored as cellular memory, removing the blockages that have been preventing you from realizing your optimal self. Of course there are never guarantees as to the speed of the process, but the results for my clients have been nothing short of amazing.

What if I don’t believe in past lives or reincarnation, will this still work on me?
The greatest part about this technique is, even if you do not have a comfort level or belief in any specific faith tradition or esoteric philosophy, you can still benefit from Past Life Regression, regardless of your background and belief system. The effects take place

How do I know I’m not making it up?
Memory and imagination come from the same place in the brain so whether or not you feel you are “making it up” doesn’t truly matter. It makes no difference if you believe the information revealed comes from your Higher Self or your subconscious. The impact can be profound. The only suggestions are to come with an open mind and willing heart.

What is the philosophy behind Past Life Regression?
We are here for three reasons: to love, be loved and to learn our most important life lessons. Past Life Regression allows us to look deeply at all our relationships, activating a connection to a “soul circle”, the group of family, friends and colleagues with whom we’ve chosen as part of our “life script” to incarnate. This soul circle will help us learn our life lessons whether we know it or not.

Past Life Regression–because releasing what’s old can create a whole new you!

For more information, or to book an appointment, contact me: or 914-861-5186

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Meet Shira at the upcoming GMO Labeling Rally, NY City Hall, Wed. Dec. 2nd, noon-1pm and start the New Year by joining Shira for the Holistic Moms Network meeting
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Holistic Healer Shira Adler is a certified past life regressionist, inspirational host, writer and speaker who can help you in person, at workshops and through phone sessions!



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