A Prayer becomes a Movement

It’s been a most extroardinary day, one I won’t soon forget.  The power of social media is humbling and in this case, for a great cause.

Just under two hours from now thousands of people will join their voices in a call for prayer to lend support and energy to singer/songwriter Debbie Friedman.

It all started about 24 hours ago, when I found out Debbie, whom I call the Jewish Joni Mitchell, was lying in an induced coma in a Southern California hospital struggling to not lose a battle against a medically non responsive case of Pneumonia.

My instincts kicked in and I offered a private prayer.  Then the idea hit.  In my experience, both professionally and personally as a Cantor, healer and past life regressionist, I believe, as many do, in a Higher Power; a force unseen, whether we call it the Universe, God, Spirit or by any other name.  One of the best ways to access that power is to unify our voices.

So I recorded a brief YouTube video on my iPhone, set up a FB “event” and sent it out to my Facebook friends, colleagues, clergy list serves, prayer circle buddies, twitter and tumblr followers and emailed friends and family.  I thought if I could raise awareness and ask people to participate, we would intensify the power of our prayer.

I have always believed when you say a prayer, you talk to God; when you sing it, the Angels join in.

Literally thousands of Earth angels, regular people from all over the United States and internationally, are responding, virally sharing the call for prayer and together, we have become a movement.

From the most intimate gesture – a man in Israel putting a handwritten plea for healing in the Jerusalem Wall, to the most expansive forms of social media – a spiritual friend in Australia posting the information to her list of 5,000 FB friends . . .people are connecting for the cause.

I am overwhelmed by the response and humbled with gratitude.  I pray our song can make a difference.

At 9:12 pm tonight, EST, 6:12 pm PST, we will gather energetically – singing One Song with One Voice for One woman – Debbie Friedman.  She gave the world her music and now the world will sing it for her.

I believe Debbie will hear us.

UPDATES: Facebook and video from YouTube: The One Voice Movement continues!

2 Responses to A Prayer becomes a Movement
  1. Sundance
    January 10, 2011 | 1:34 pm

    Shira, thanks for taking the leap hoping we would respond. In fact, the world did respond to your request. And we prayed. Debbie managed to gather her worldwide chorale once more for a great big harmonious prayer. Thank you for your writing.

    In between the tears i remember and find solace in understanding that this ingathering was also Debbie’s work,and her voice.. The wings for,the support of whatever this transition is all about.
    Debbie z”l

    • Diva-Mama
      January 28, 2011 | 11:53 am

      Dear Sundance,

      I continue to be moved by the outpouring for Debbie in all ways and across the world. Especially meaningful is to see how many concerts are happening and how many programs are being dedicated to her life and her music.

      We do not yet “know” what the transition is about but to notice the shift in ourselves and to connect to the spark that has been reignited is certainly a significant part of whatever greater purpose there is to this phase in all of our lives.

      I am grateful to you and all others who came together to join our voices . . . please stay connected so that we may continue this journey – together.

      Light and love,

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