Stars, Moon(ies) & Mamas

Whether discussing astrology or aspirin, celestial bodies or our slightly overweight ones, women can connect over anything and at this weekend’s New Life Expo in NYC, there was plenty for me and my favorite spiritual females to gab about.

As a new vendor, I was clearly deserving my “new lifer” label.  Caught in a swirling midst of what felt like a psychotropic Avon convention in the Twilight Zone, I wondered why I thought it would be a good idea to promote my past life regression practice and other services at this metaphysical marathon.   Then I remembered, one of my girlfriends told me she thought it would be a great idea.  If there is one thing I know, it’s that women generally don’t try, buy or trust anything, without a girlfriend’s stamp of approval!  And this particular transcendental diva, dear friend Danna Weiss, is more than a veteran of this event, in my book, she’s a star.

And this weekend, I was surrounded by stars – or at least by a plethora of people who read them – at the New Life Expo held at the gracefully aging Hotel New Yorker in midtown Manhattan.

The hotel is actually well known for two abstrusely auspicious gatherings, one that took place in 1982, when 4,000 people received nuptial blessings by their leader, Rev. Sun Myung Moon (christening the dubiously nicknamed building, “Moonie” hotel) and the New Life Expo: a bi-annual conglomeration of some of the most unique psychic and holistic practitioners in the metropolitan NY and tri-state area.

From Friday afternoon until Sunday night there was no break from the high vibe, non-stop energy and incessant throngs of people perusing stations laden with galactic goodies: singing bowls, herbal remedies, crystals, books and tarot cards.  Yes, occasionally a true whackadoodle would pass by, but I’d give the air a shpritz of my sage (think Native-American liquid smudge version of purell) and bless them on their way, far away from my table anyway.

I was also one of a large number of lecturers, but outside of that one-hour respite, I barely got a bathroom break much less an opportunity to walk around or take in any of the other speakers, including New Age VIPs sound/light channel Judy Satori and David Wilcock, ESP, metaphysics and consciousness expert. 

The only element that truly kept me grounded and sane throughout this crazy, hectic three day experience were the women who commiserated with me over the 26 hours we stood on our feet, smiling, talking and demonstrating product for the crowds.  Leave it to females to find a way to create their own spontaneous-support group!

My de facto sisterhood includes my favorite Goddess artist Jo Jayson, and metaphysical bling buddy Shareanne Baff (Intentions Jewelry).  These amazing ladies and I are “regulars” at Westchester County’s softer, less frenetically paced Awaken Fair and I consider them core members of my “all-time-favorite-spiritual-mompreneurs” club.

But this weekend, a new sister was added to this spiritual posse.  Her name is Lisa Kadison, owner of Terralumina, a Woodstock, NY company offering gifts from the Earth to Light Up Your Life, featuring Aromatherapy, Ceremonial Tools and Energetically-Enhanced Natural Cleaning Products.  Truly I love her products, but more than that, I think Lisa is the bees knees.  She is a Reiki master, aromatherapist and jewelry maker of the finest calibre and purest energy.

And oh yes, she also happens to be the ex-wife of my spousal equivalent, aka my honey.

Did your eyebrow just raise?  Of course it did.  That’s the reaction of the many passersby who chatted at our table long enough to hear our back story.  In fact, it became a badge of honor and my new expo tag line . . .

I clean out the inside and she cleans off the outside.

It was a brilliant marketing mantra!  How else could one explain how a past life regressionist, who removes negative cellular memory, could share the same table which offered an abundance of jewelry, crystals and a household cleaner, for starters, made with an energy charged crystal and organic essential oils?

In what would be considered “normal” circumstances, you might think we’d be the last women to share interests or work together in such a unique way, but then again, depending on your maternal lens, it could make all the sense in the world.

At least it does for us.

I love Lisa’s kids and she loves mine.   In recent weeks, especially, with my daughter’s challenges, Lisa has been there to lend her heart if not her hands.  So born from our mutually-reciprocated-mom-respect we have grown to bond over many things, including a humorous affinity for the fact that we also share experience with the same man (though obviously not at the same time).  And what a good man he is.

Of course most men I know would turn a delicate shade of green at the thought of their ex-wife and current babe collaborating, but then again, my honey isn’t typical and in fact, having her products at my table was his idea.  And on the last day of the expo, my awesome dude was on deck, helping me out by hawking her wares with more fervency than an eager undergrad with his first telemarketing position, leaving me time to actually sit down and eat the salad and decaf he brought for me, knowing I hadn’t taken a bit of anything that entire day.

The fact that my honey is only mildly scratching his head over whether or not this was a good idea demonstrates his continued good taste and well honed instincts.  It’s not only women who evolve, occasionally men do too.

So when asked by customers how this whole relationship worked, I explained simply:

In the divorce she didn’t lose a husband, she gained a sister.  We’re just like HBO’s Big Love, but with a twist.

And when all was said and done, Lisa and I survived our first New Life Expo with grace, aplomb and a healthy dose of laughter!  And I can honestly say that while most New Lifers focused on the grandness of the Universe, I personally never felt more grounded.

Here we were, two women, an ex-wife and wife-type, two spiritual mompreneurs, supporting and encouraging each other to bask in the glow of our full personal and professional power.  Who knows?  Maybe this is what the astrologers were referring to when they called the next era a transformational New Age.  It certainly is for me.

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  2. jo
    November 10, 2011 | 8:19 pm

    was fun honey…will do it again very soon 🙂 xxx

    • Diva-Mama
      November 11, 2011 | 8:21 am

      Absolutely! Can’t wait to see you at the Awaken Wellness Fair!

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