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Upside Down Icicle

Despite feeling raw in my still fresh mourning of my mother’s passing, yesterday, I spotted something uncommonly soothing and strangely inspiring. I felt blessed to capture such a rare sight; an obvious totem. A bizarre beacon, I decided it was a sign because it seemed a fitting gesture from my mother, who always urged me…

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Our Quiet Hero – in Memory of Shelley Adler

A poem of my mother’s: I would pass quickly into nothingness. God does not need my dust to fertilize His flowers and I prefer not to feed His worms. I would lose my ashes as a summer day tossed with gentle breezes to some warm valley where they might stay harmlessly enough in trees or…

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Barter Bliss

For all of my new readers, people that are joining me here and have been following my new series on Working Mother Magazine – welcome.  I wish that this could be a longer, more profoundly detailed blog, but considering that I can’t see straight, every bone in my body is aching and I’m dreaming of my…

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