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Me and Chelsea Down by the Schoolyard

Chelsea Handler’s million selling paperback My Horizontal Life, was a gift from my honey.  The intention was more than fluff summer reading but to serve as research since I am outlining and writing my own book.  Like every writer I know, I find this process daunting, frustrating and exciting at the same time.  But when…

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I Guess I AM the Marrying Kind

The irony isn’t lost on me that among the many lanes I pursue to earn a living — writer, cantor, past life regressionist, spiritual counselor — I count officiating weddings as one of the most joyful and fun in the bunch.  I can’t help it… I love marrying people.  You could say I’m the marrying…

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In high school I had a teacher who was a homophobe, albeit a nice one.  I hadn’t been aware of this until one day during my senior year civics class we were engaged in a model congress session.  My teacher had proposed anti-gay legislation so I did what any self-respecting liberal young woman would do…

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