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Are Two Heads Better Than One?

Nothing stresses out a mother more than the holidays.  Why?  Because our true primary selves, our working, creative, entrepreneurial “let’s-get-it-done-head” collides head on (sorry) with our “Mommy-she-touched-me-are-we-there-yet-I’m-bored-am-I-going-to-be-possessed-like-the-demon-on-the-new-The-Devil-Inside-trailer” head. Living the dual existence of visionary, mompreneur and stay-at-home mom is almost like having one pet who is both dog and cat, mongoose and cobra, spider and…

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Stars, Moon(ies) & Mamas

Whether discussing astrology or aspirin, celestial bodies or our slightly overweight ones, women can connect over anything and at this weekend’s New Life Expo in NYC, there was plenty for me and my favorite spiritual females to gab about. As a new vendor, I was clearly deserving my “new lifer” label.  Caught in a swirling…

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Winter Wonder-what?

Remember the joy you felt as a kid waiting expectantly at the crack of dawn for updates to the Winter Advisory?  303, 303, 303, 303!  I chanted my school number as a mantra – hoping and praying as fervently as I could to the snow gods to close my school. Ah, those were the days…

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