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A Mother’s Way on Mother’s Day

Like every Mother’s Day that has gone before, I anticipated lovely handmade gifts and touching cards. What I did not expect was the intimate conversation with my daughter that would once again remind me that the greatest gift of all a Mother can get is the opportunity to show up and be wholly present for…

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Happy F&*#ing Mother’s Day

In my regular Mama role I sometimes have the opportunity to enjoy all the trappings motherhood can bestow.  Today, Mother’s Day, was especially bittersweet as you’ll soon see, but I did somehow manage to still spend the day with one of my children and my adoring partner, eating a beautiful brunch, hobnobbing with freshly shorn…

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My Mother Never Wore a Hat Like That!

Is there anyone who wasn’t captivated by the Royal Wedding?  And who among us didn’t have admiration for the fantastic Dr. Suess inspired chapeaus that paraded along the red carpet and into Westminster Abbey?  But my greatest appreciation was reserved for the die hard fans of the Royal fanfare (you know who who you are). …

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