An Unremarkable Weekend Worth Remembering

When life or the circumstances of our experience conspire in ways that feel guided but confusing, sometimes the best remedy is to look for a break in the routine and escape to higher ground.  In my case, this weekend higher ground meant walking aimlessly amongst the pumpkins, cheesecake, donuts and cider vendors and bluegrass tinged air that populated the crowded, yet still agreeable, apple orchard some ten minutes from our house.

While others endure hours in the car to get to this must see destination, particularly with scant few “fall foliage” weekends remaining, we are lucky to live close by to such an idyllic setting.  So, after visiting my daughter in the sanitarium, I gathered my son and my honey and began an odyssey to enjoy our weekend, come hell or high water.  Luckily, the emotional flood waters of the last couple of weeks receded and it didn’t take much arm twisting to have a calm, restful and eminently picturesque couple of days.

Our first stop was Outhouse Orchards, where upon biting into the most succulent honey crisp apples I’ve ever tasted, my son burst out a surprising question: “why does this taste like apple juice?”  I took it to mean why was this apple so juicy, but regardless, it was a funny question, reminding me once again of the importance of feeding my children healthy, organic, local and sustainably grown produce so that they know what food should actually taste like!

From there we took a drive up to the Rhinebeck Aerodrome where my son drooled over the WWI machine gun equipped biplanes while I occupied myself by snapping iPhone photos of the nation’s first female aviators whose likenesses were captured in a small yet powerful collection of dusty rosewood frames.  For those of you who think this field is limited to Amelia Earhart, Google has plenty to share on the herstories of  Harriet Quimby, Matilde Moisant and Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman.

Grabbing a veggie burrito at Lucy’s Tacos in Red Hook, the day slid into a movie night where my son and my honey’s teen could bond over the Hugh Jackman film, Real Steel, before culminating with a late night McDonald’s run and peaceful slumber.

This morning, after a quick breakfast of gluten free pancakes which I slyly infused with a splash of coconut milk and healthy dose of agave syrup, I dashed off to visit my daughter again before rejoining the remainder of my little brood.

Only in my neighborhood would you find a halcyon blend of antiquated and the eclectic; a new age vibe infused against a Normal Rockwellian backdrop.  So too was the case at today’s Lion’s club vintage car show where we perused hot pink hot rods cozied up to corvettes and tents replete with hot dogs, chicken wings, cub scouts brandishing popcorn and a pair of Nepalese brothers, importers, selling the most artfully crafted silver jewelry embedded with semi-precious gemstones. 

The weekend was so replete with simple pleasures that I was temporarily distracted from the nagging thought that echoed in the back of my brain . . . in a few days my daughter will be coming home.

Home to her means a pink painted bedroom, her bunny and her purple bathrobe; it means me, her brother, her Andy (aka honey, the only real Dad type of person she’s been able to consistently rely on and trust).

And so I realized that my best shot to helping her reintegrate back into her life here, wasn’t just a (hopefully) more stable base line of medication, but to give her a sense of solidity and simplicity.  And what better way to ground yourself than by enjoying the sound of umber toned leaves crunching underneath your feet on an almost perfect Autumn day.

This weekend I was reminded that amidst the natural and sometimes painful changing of our circumstances and seasons, it is a blessing to be able to get lost in the simple moments and places that make up the physical, spiritual and emotional space each of us calls home.

And when my daughter returns I will share with her the most delicious apple she has ever tasted and we will begin . . . again, to enjoy our life, our family, our home.


5 Responses to An Unremarkable Weekend Worth Remembering
  1. Christine Tartaglia
    October 20, 2011 | 3:01 pm

    Beautiful pictures of the orchard! We are very glad you guys enjoyed your day at Harvest Moon 🙂

    • Diva-Mama
      October 20, 2011 | 3:44 pm

      Thank you Christine. My family loves coming up to Harvest Moon! See you again soon. ps You guys have the best cider and fresh donuts around!

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