Barter Bliss

For all of my new readers, people that are joining me here and have been following my new series on Working Mother Magazine – welcome.  I wish that this could be a longer, more profoundly detailed blog, but considering that I can’t see straight, every bone in my body is aching and I’m dreaming of my bed the way Bedouin merchants long for water, tonight’s blog will only be the broad strokes of what was my last 24 hours.  Then it’s nighty-night, sleep tight, Mama’s gonna hit the light.

You may recall a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog called Justifiable Procrastination, well, I procrastinated no more.  I got down and dirty and spent 14 hours, yes, that’s right FOURTEEN taking out every single file, office supply, picture, crystal and chachkie to do a massive reorganization of my home office/living room/bird sanctuary/client session space.

Why?  Because my sanity depended on it.  I actually watched a great little video from a new tweep, Shanda Sumpter, on being smart about facing tasks we dread and how to manage them.  To summarize her philosophy you should just hire someone else to do the things you absolutely detest if it means that avoiding them has now cost you too much.

She was right but what do you do if you’re temporarily on a shoe-string budget?  You get smart and find someone to help out of the goodness of their heart or in a barter situation, or both.

And that’s exactly what I did.

Every woman knows the employees at the hair salon are better than bartenders and know more intimate details about our lives than our mothers.  And one of my blessed peeps at BHC Salon and Spa offered to help me reorganize my clutter.  REALLY?  Sure, she wanted to try a past life regression session with me and she is an expert organizer, so who was I to say no?

So Sabrina, God bless your soul and the souls of your unborn children for spending a whole day at my house eyeballing, encouraging, removing, wiping, philosophizing, clearing, shifting, eating sushi and encouraging me every step of the way.

Instead of asking why it is that we put off what we must do – the inevitable – the things that have to get done more than anything else in our lives to the very last minute until there’s no choice but to proceed onward, today I choose to celebrate people like Sabrina.   Because every once in a while there are extraordinary human beings that step up in ways that not only prove how great they are, but remind us that we are worthy of the help in the first place.

Once we remember that we can actually clear our throats, raise our hands and ask for help, there’s no stopping us!  I am amazed that I was able to keep going until I hit my wall at 2:48 am and had to literally crawl into bed.  But as I did it was with a big smile on my face anticipating waking up, bleary eyed, but oh, so much happier to greet the dawn of a new, clutter free day.

4 Responses to Barter Bliss
  1. Jenn Deutsch
    January 10, 2012 | 7:52 pm

    Shira, you continue to amaze me.

  2. The Magic Studio
    February 27, 2012 | 9:41 pm

    Can certainly relate. Cleaning a basement or garage comes to my mind. If you see the pile keeps getting larger, it starts to hurt your eyes too. It is an exhausting process trying to finally tackle the neglected pile or task. However, when it gets done, it is such a good feeling. 🙂

    • Diva-Mama
      February 28, 2012 | 8:02 am

      Indeed! It’s the next best thing to dipping yourself into a vat of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food while curled up in footie pajamas. But decluttering is probably a tad healthier for you – so sayeth my feng shui buddies!

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