Crud, Mud & Laundry

Blog post 2.  Here’s hoping it under promises and over delivers.  The purpose of this blog isn’t to needlessly expose you to the rantings and ravings of an overworked, underpaid, super-stressed single mompreneur.  Rather, I wish to reach, encourage and activate any of you who have had similar experiences balancing work, family, relationships and everything else worth writing about.  Writing helps me stay connected to the crud, mud, joy and fortitude that’s measured out to most of us on an hourly, daily, weekly or yearly basis.  Nobody ever said this was going to be easy; life, love, kids, marriage, divorce, sex, money, career, cleaning, ex-husbands, laundry.  So, let’s all take a deep breath and remember one thing that inspires us, each day.  Just one thing, so when the chips are down and we want to jump head first through that plate-glass window we just cleaned we can ground ourselves, and make it all better.  For me, when I hit my tipping point, shifting my focus to my writing, my future CD, my new past life regression practice quiets my frayed nerves.  These thoughts help me tolerate the household anarchy and chaos that I one day hope to leave far, far away as the old Calgon commecials suggest.   So now it’s your turn.  Remember what you love, may it help you get through this day and each one that follows because by connecting to your joy you can keep the meanie-Mama at bay, at least until your kid spills grape juice on your white carpet.  Blog post 2 – one for the history books.

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