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I am so happy to be back! In between launching my aromatherapy line and guided meditation series I needed to take some time off to regroup. There have been lots of changes lately in both my personal and professional lives and through them all, I found myself searching for meaningful answers to a question that many of us are asking ourselves these days: “where do I go from here?” Don’t get me wrong. I have really enjoyed sharing my life, opinions and suggestions with you, my lovely, devoted readers, but it’s time for me to take all of this to a deeper, more integrated level. Finally, after a couple of months off, I am coming back – better than ever – and I hope that you’ll agree.

So, to get things rolling, I am sharing an article I just wrote to inspire business owners/members of the Hudson Barter Exchange. I am a new member of this barter exchange and I LOVE it, because it’s a wonderful high-vibe way to honor, through trade, goods and services without needing to use cash. Barter is the oldest form of commerce and I’m happy to see it making a comeback. [If you are an entrepreneur, I heartily recommend looking up your local barter exchange. If you’re in the NY/Hudson Valley area, check out HBX and make sure you tell them I sent you, after all, there is value for referrals too!].

Whether you are a successful full time business owner, a just starting out entrepreneur, or a veteran merchant figuring out how to make ends meet in this roller coaster economy, we can all benefit from helpful tips and transformational tools to make our jobs easier, our lives more fulfilling and our journey more inspired.

To be successful, we must find a way to step outside of the challenging experiences and daily stresses that follow most of us from morning until night. Holding the passion for what we do against tough odds requires a combination of intention and intuition, heart and perseverance.

To me, true success is achievable by being actively engaged in a process of alignment. I measure how well I manage the very real struggles of a tough economy, a mountain of never ending responsibilities and an ever elusive life- work balance by how I feel at the end of every day. Am I feeling integrated? Balanced? Happy?

There will always be road blocks and circumstances that can feel overwhelming.

The first thing I suggest you do is find a way to ground yourself. Take one minute every day to do something that feels really good, natural and enjoyable to you. For some that could be taking a walk, playing with your dog, or just kicking back, headphones blaring whatever 70s or 80s throwback your kids would be embarrassed to know you actually listen to. Whatever tantalizes your senses, use it and enjoy it! Success comes easier when your senses are engaged, activated and inspired and if you need the title track of AC/DC Back in Black to get you there, so be it.

One way I have found to get my mojo back is by using scents . . . no, not sense – SCENTS – as in aromatherapy. In fact, I’ll use anything tactile and tantalizing to evoke something in my senses that I can use to get me back on track, motivated, focused and inspired.

Aromatherapy, if you are not familiar with it, is the ancient use of plant essences to effect change on all three levels of our being – mind, body and spirit, simultaneously, simply and powerfully. And for me, I find my sense of scents is heightened when I combine it with music and meditation. In the right combination it’s like being on vacation! And the next best thing to actually being on a vacation (booked through your local barter exchange, of course) is enjoying a similar state of Be-ing by turning on and tuning in your senses. I’d love to be able to drop everything and visit the world’s most exotic healing places when I am feeling a bit scattered, but that’s not as practical or affordable as I’d like. So I created an aromatherapy line with the intention of bringing the same feeling which you can access from your barcalounger. I would like to invite you to treat your soul to a spa day by using whatever smells and sounds you have on hand to Clear, Center, Nurture and Inspire yourself. If you don’t have anything that will work for you, I welcome you to access my downloadable guided meditations at Diva-Mama.com/Guided-Meditations.

It’s been proven that being in a calm state improves health and well-being so if it’s prosperity and abundance you’re after, that’s a good place to start.

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  1. Cynthia Hernandez
    August 8, 2012 | 11:32 am

    I know the feeling of needing to re-group, going through that myself. I appreciate your wisdom and look forward to trying out your line of aromatherapy. I worked with a wellness group a while back and do know for a fact that that colors and scents have an effect on your mood.

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