Holiday miracles

In a season full of miracles when most of us expect to find them under the tree or in the glow of Chanukah candles, did a mighty miracle drop in my lap and I will be forever grateful.

Santa doesn’t always come down the chimney and the oil in the lamp doesn’t always burn brightest in a way that you expect it.  I know I am speaking a little bit obliquely, so let me explain.

For those who have been following my blog and for my friends and family who know the sitch, my daughter has struggled mightily over these past few months with PTSD stemming from triggered memories of early childhood abuse.

Since her release from a second hospitalization, she has been part of an extraordinary theatre group called Little Village Playhouse and this weekend, the little star that shone brightest was not in Bethlehem but rather on a small stage in the Armonk, NY, Public Library.

My daughter and a cast of a dozen other tweens, including two dear neighborhood friends, starred in a musical production of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.   This beautiful experience was made more so by giving us mothers, friends and now carpooling comrades, a chance to work together, support each other and share pride in each other’s daughters as only women in this new-stage-mama-sisterhood could do.  Daughters and moms working towards one common goal is inspiring in its own right.

So to say that this production was therapeutic, spectacular, joyous and life affirming would be an understatement.  My daughter’s theatrical debut was nothing short of a gift from God.  To think where she was a few short months ago and to look at her standing center stage, singing a solo, speaking powerful and humorous dialogue, exhibiting a sophistication and innate talent well beyond her years, I could only smile gratefully through my tears for this unbridled display of magic and holiday miracle.

My daughter was able to participate through the great work being offered by Stephanie Kovacs Cohen, Adam Cohen and the team at LVP.  I heartily encourage anyone and everyone who is capable to donate to LVP’s Dollar-for-Drama fundraising effort.

Our experience is proof that the arts, and in this case an extremely well done theatrical program can truly inspire and possibly even help to save lives.

No matter what happens to my big girl in the future, she will always be able to access the memory of accomplishment, of pride and of passion that she so open-heartedly shared this weekend.  And when in her darkest moments I can remind her of who she really is and use her performance in this show to help me ground her, then I can truly say that her effort will live long after the curtain has fallen and that is the greatest gift of all.


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