Hurricanes and Earthquakes and Floods – Oh MY!

After the immense sadness and intense soulfulness of the last two weeks, dealing with my Grandfather’s last days and funeral, I felt sure I would be more than entitled to a restful period where I could take stock of these past few weeks, meditate, rest, be with the kids (I know these last two don’t necessarily belong in the same sentence but so be it) and begin my own healing.

Despite Mercury coming out of Retrograde, or maybe because of it, there has been nothing but “tsurris” (trouble) in River City as my Bubbe AND Robert Preston used to say, for the better part of this month.

Mother Earth is speaking and speaking loudly.  It all began a few weeks ago.  As I contemplated going home to LA weeks ago to visit my soon-to-be departing dear Grandpa, my honey and I were given a beautiful opportunity to visit our buddy’s spectacular seaside estate in Puerto Rico.

Except there was a hurricane bearing down on the island, which threatened to ruin our plans.  We started tracking Hurricane Emily as she reared her mischievous head for days prior to departing for our much-needed escape to the island and thankfully, she only slightly dampened our perfect romantic get-away.

However Irene, whom I like to think of as Emily’s nasty first cousin, seems to be displaying a far less generous disposition.  As I type this, she is preparing to take a vicious bite out of the big Apple and I hope to post this blog before the power fails.

So what’s a girl to do besides run to every store within a 30 mile radius in search of D batteries, tampons, water bottles, pop-tarts and water . . . you know, the absolute essentials.

My honey certainly did his part, making a valiant effort today by pulling in lawn chairs, planters, knocking down my event tent which has been sitting too long at the bottom of our driveway, raising everything off of the basement floor, and using powerful (and smelly) Gorilla tape to secure the rattan shades lining our bunny’s peaceful domicile on our ample screened in side porch.

So now we sit – and we wait – listening to the sound of the rain pelting our rooftops with increasing intensity and praying that when (not if) we lose power, it won’t be for more than 24 hours.

Storm pundits estimate that more than 44 million people up and down the Eastern Seaboard will be subject to winds greater than 50 mph and that’s only the beginning.  Because our area is ill-equipped for the sudden and serious natural disaster hitting this week, various power grids may actually have to be rebuilt which would mean power outages that could last beyond a week.

I pray this is not the case.  I pray that there are no other deaths other than the eight already reported today.  I pray for safety and well being for all East Coasters.

The storm is frightening but powerful and not because of the hurricane force winds, waves and flooding potential.  It is the storm of the century, in my opinion, because it is drawing neighbors together, friends, families and strangers as only a natural disaster of this magnitude can.  Maybe this is why God and Mother Earth plan these things after all?  To remind us of community, generosity of spirit and kindness; all in the face of a deadly natural disaster.

I won’t even mention the EARTHQUAKE that hit a few days ago.  Really?  Earthquake?  In New York?  Wasn’t that part of the reason I left LA?

Okay… so,Grandpa, if you’re up there watching all of this, you’ve always been able to move mountains so how about a few storm clouds?

And to everyone riding out the storm… may you have as much peace, luck, and light as spirit will allow.


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  1. Jenn Deutsch
    August 28, 2011 | 6:18 pm

    From my now powered home I too have sent and am still sending sooooo many prayers Shira along with you. My nerves are gone after being a blink of 90 miles geographically from the epi center of the earlier quake this week in the dc area. I am just sooo thankful for a friend who stayed here with me and rode out the winds and rain. I am thankful that the power company upgraded my home and it only took about 9 hours to restore me. I am thankful for neighbors and friends that kept checking and keeping me informed they were okay too. I am thankful for the toys r us person (whose name I wish I had gotten) for holding some D and C batteries for me. I am thankful for Santein at the local verizon store for the last time fixing my phone and this time holding a portable charger for me so I could always be reached. I again had a life changing conversation with some of the very elderly in my building. Listen to them for they are wise and have wisdom beyond the years. That is the light when the power is out, people talk and are helping each other. For now, It is a warm shower for me and hopefully sleep. It will also bring a night of wondering what have we done to make mother nature so mad! I pray Shira you and your family are safe and that your power held. I pray you are healing and have good memories carrying you.

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