I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar – Pt. 1

Without wishing to sound anything but grateful, today is literally the first day off I’ve had in a month, and I’m beside myself with glee. That reminds me, I have so many unwatched hours on my DVR I’m depressed thinking about how I’m going to find the time to catch up. I can’t remember the last time I’ve worked this hard — until midnight every night — sometimes skipping meals, and most definitely skipping downtime; all for for the sake of progress.

Lately it seems my life as an out-of-the box writer, singer, fempreneur and mother has been one part joyful coming of age, two parts terrifying, one part exhausting, one part learning experience and three parts life affirming. While I’m at it, I have no idea how many parts that was, or what they add up to; let’s leave it at there are lots of parts and all of them are depleting.

Many of you might know that for the better part of the last month I’ve concerned myself with launching a new line of aromatherapy sprays designed to help anyone come back to themselves as they experience the ups, downs and sideways of life.

Called Diva Mama Aromatherapy Synergy Sprays, as of this writing there are four of them, each designed to do a specific job as we journey on our way from sanity to serenity. Clear… Center… Nurture… Inspire… I say them loud and proud. I’ve written a lot about my new darlings lately, and for more information please check out Diva-Mama.com/Aromatherapy.

But today, I simply want to offer some insights for anyone looking to go for it, whatever it is. First, have some of my sprays nearby, because trust me, they’ve been a lifesaver as I’ve dealt with a never ending series of missteps, sidesteps, backwards flips and more, on an emotional and logistical roller coaster the likes of which I’ve never seen. Second, no matter what, you can’t crack under the pressure. Third, if you’re going to cry, do it out of earshot of the kids, and make sure your favorite flavor ice cream is nearby to help you pick up the pieces.

If I had one more call telling me my label bleed was off, my QR code wasn’t reading, my barcodes wouldn’t fit, my cumin was too spicy and my press release too idiotic, I would have driven my car to the middle of the Tappen Zee Bridge, just North of Gotham and executed the perfect swan dive into the frigid embrace of the still toxic Hudson River.

But onward Jewish soldier. No time for hysterical bouts of crying tinged with rapid eye-movement, speed binge eating anything that wasn’t nailed down and midnight rendezvous with my honey that went something like this… “Don’t I know you?” he asked as I shuffled past him on the way to bathroom, dehydrated, bones aching, throat tensing. “No, I replied… you used to. Not anymore.”

You see, I had temporarily morphed. No longer was I the happy-go-lucky, loving Diva Mama, taking life as it came, overcoming each and every obstacle with grace and aplomb; no, I had over the past few weeks shifted into a get-it-done tigress, undaunted and undeterred, with one goal and one goal in mind: there are two conferences in one weekend during the end of April, and by God I’m going to launch my Aromatherapy Sprays there, and by God, that’s exactly what I did.

All of it… the good, the bad, the messy, the glorious came to a head last weekend, and though I’m just able to write about it now, let my say a week later the experience is burned into my retinas as if I stared into the sun until I was blind.

As writing this was all I could muster for the moment, check back in mid-week for part 2 because trust me, when you hear the rest of this story you will either pee in your pants with laughter, think I made the whole thing up or shake your head and wonder why I didn’t do that half-gainer off the Tappan Zee when I had the chance?

Stay tuned . . .

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  1. Jenn Deutsch
    May 6, 2012 | 6:51 pm

    Shira anxiously awaiting the second half. Glad you got some time. You know I am just a keyboard away. Hug and support. I hope to be the one laughing at the rest of the story. I know you are going through a lot so sending you positive mojo.

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