The One-Voice-Movement is born

Tomorrow, on 1/11/11 at 11:00 am (PST) thousands of people will gather to watch the Debbie Friedman funeral live streaming on the internet.  It is a fitting example of what was begun with the viral Plea for Prayer that has now become a movement.  In keeping with the inspiration that Debbie gave to so many of us, I would like to take the next step for The One-Voice-Movement and ask that while we watch the funeral, we extend our prayerful healing wishes to two others: AZ Congresswoman Giffords and Dr. Steven Stein – an ALS patient working only with healers to save his life.  It is a fitting tribute to Debbie Friedman that we carry forward her healing prayer, the Mi Shebeirach to others, as she did for so many.

One-Voice-Movement is born from this inspiration and our new community’s powerful connection.  May Debbie’s memory eternally be for a blessing.

Letter from Alicia Stein:

Dear family, friends and those who I have never had the opportunity to meet yet,

My name is Alicia Stein and my father, Dr. Steven Stein, was diagnosed with ALS in December 2003. Although he is currently bed ridden, immobile and unable to speak on his own without the help of a computer, he has the highest of spirits because he is confident that he will witness a miracle. It is no surprise to most people that ALS is a disease that normally gives no hope of recovery or reversal, and western doctors have repetitively told our family this unfortunate news. However, we know that he will be the exception.

We have turned to spiritual and energy healing, which has already provided us with not only hope and faith in his recovery, but has also aided in the existence of remarkable improvements in his appearance and internal health that wouldn’t normally occur otherwise. Usually, people who must lie in bed for as long as he has, four years, would have bedsores all over their back and would be extremely thin and frail. My father has absolutely no bedsores and his body has fully defined muscles and a solid stature. Although he cannot move any limbs on his own anymore, his muscles do have movement and we can see his muscles flexing voluntarily as of late. Lastly, although he is on a respirator because he cannot breathe on his own, he has recently been able to remain off of the respirator for hours at a time, which is a feat that is extremely rare at this stage of the disease. We whole-heartedly believe that all of these amazing improvements and abilities are directly due to the intense spiritual and energy healing that he receives on a daily basis thanks to the truly gifted healers that we are proud to know and proud to call our friends.

So, why am I telling you this? What am I asking? I am requesting you all to take a few moments of your day, on 1/11/11 at 11:11 am EST, to visualize “my father walking onto the set of The Oprah Show to tell the world all about his journey.” Whether it takes you one minute or ten minutes, please close your eyes and see him “walking onto the stage, waving to my mother, my sister, my fiancé and I sitting in the front row. See him smiling, because he is overly content with the fact that he is alive and well, and able to even take that walk to the stage.” (For those of you who have never seen my father and need to see a photo to know what he looks like in order to visualize him, I have attached a picture of my family to this email. The picture is of my sister, my father, my mother and I at my high school graduation brunch 5 years ago).

Collective thoughts influence consciousness and have the ability to materialize great things. He will be wide open to receive all of your collective thoughts, prayers and visualizations. He is so close to completing his journey and he is ready to begin the new chapter in his life as a healthy and thriving individual. With your help, with the collective visualization, let’s all partake in an experiment that is bigger than us. Let’s all be involved in his miracle and be a part of an experience that will undoubtedly positively change his life forever. Let’s let him know that we are all here to love and support him during this trying, yet rewarding, journey.

If for some reason you aren’t available at this specific time or receive this after our collective spiritual awakening, please take a few moments to think about this visualization at 11:11 am or pm EST any other day. Do it more than once if you wish! Remember to appreciate your life, your family and your friends every moment of every day. Love and blessings to all of you! Thank you in advance for being involved!

Please forward this to all of your family and friends to get the word out!!!

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