Who Loves Camp?!

After several hours of using multi-color sharpies to hand label 28 pair of socks, 20 pair of shorts, 24 shirts, 8 bathing suits, sunglasses and sweatshirts plus a slew of travel size toothpaste, toothbrushes and toys, it’s no wonder I’m sitting here, bleary eyed at almost 1am.  But now that the oversized duffles are packed, thankfully, I can stop for a few minutes and put my feet up (or at least write this blog, something I always enjoy).

The annual summer rite of passage is upon us and it’s amazing to me that no matter where any of us are we can still remember to set an intention to make it happen, no matter what “it” looks like.

My kids are going to camp and whatever I need to do to make that happen is what I am willing to do.  That means I’m working weekends at family camp to help pay for their summer fun.  By sacrificing part of my precious down time, I am putting smiles on my kids faces and earning major Mama points.

Affording my children this opportunity is precious beyond rubies.  Going to summer camp allows them to be in the game; to be kids, to be on their own, to monitor their own decisions and choices, to build character, to make new friends and to have the ups and down we all hope and need to experience in life (free from the shadow of their slightly overprotective mother).   And whatever happens, that’s all I can ask for.  The real significance of camp is to teach them the value of just showing up – having fun – being present in their own experience.  In this way, they mirror an opportunity for me to just show up and be happy with whatever my situation is . . .

And Ok, it doesn’t hurt that I will have just over three weeks to myself.  Yay for altruism but I cannot forget the “Diva” part of my nickname.   And there’s nothing wrong with putting a smile on my face too.


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