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Seeing the world for what it truly is means sometimes you see things you love and sometimes you see things you would rather ignore.  Most of the time I try to close my eyes to, or at least hold a dispassionate curiosity for the “low-vibe” stuff like the fact that 100M kids got turned on to new ways of creating violence when Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 came out.  But truly vibing high, like the anonymous helper in the attached video clip, is being unattached to outcome or linked to personal gain.  So, I must offer a shout out to my fave Over40Females group for putting up something worth reposting in the hopes that it resonates for others the way it did for me.

Mind you I am very particular about what I write about and repost on my own DivaMama FB page or in my blog.  After all, I have strict standards, judging material according to my own personal five-hanky barometer.  And true, my children think I cry at everything (Ok, I generally do) but in this case, the video clip warranted the tears.  It demonstrated not only the power of words, but the response that the right words and an appropriate call to action can engender.

But besides watching a video clip, thank God I have bountiful opportunity to see with my own eyes people doing good in the world.  And in the case of my dear friend Danielle Butin, I not only see it with my eyes, but my heart . . . letting in the good that exists in the world around me.  From the smallest gesture without regard for outcome, like the green-shoed lady in the video – to my dear friend Danielle, who gives without any expectation of getting back – it’s about raising your vibration and once again I find an example of what that really means.

Danielle gives selflessly and works tirelessly for the people of impoverished and scarred places like Africa and Haiti.  This weekend my family and I responded to her call for action, using our hands and our hearts to make a difference in the lives of thousands of families that Danielle helps.

Danielle’s singular vision and impassioned words gave birth to an incredible organization – the AFYA Foundation.  AFYA is Swahili for good health and its mission is to supply medical and community outreach supplies, sustainable equipment and consumables to specific health centers and patients in Africa and Haiti.

Besides reaching out to global health partners and businesses, Danielle also partners with incredible individuals and other organizations such as Dr. Taraneh Shirazian, Medical Programs Director of SavingMothers.org. Volunteers joined Danielle and Taraneh, strangers united by a mission, getting our surgical gloved hands dirty at a huge SORTATHON that took place at AFYA’s Yonkers, NY warehouse.

Sorting through hundreds of boxes of unused, surplus, discarded and forgotten medical supplies, two hour shifts flew by as did the piles of donated sandwiches, fruit, juice boxes, cheese sticks all accompanied by various drummers, singers, speakers and news cameras who punctuated the lively and heartwarming day.

And at the end of it all, I was reminded of just how powerful words and actions are especially when matched with a pure heart’s intention.

As we approach the holiday of Thankfulness . . . give thanks to all the blessings in your life and more than tweeting, posting and sharing images and ideas – get in, get dirty and get inspired.  Words lead to actions, actions become habits and habits become character.  I can think of nothing better that I can teach my children and who knows, with any luck, they will grow up to be teary-sensitive types too.

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  1. Danielle Butin
    November 14, 2011 | 12:49 pm


    Thank you for this beautiful mention and for bringing your family to the sortathon. We always need help-it is the hands and hearts of many that makes our work possible abroad.

    Afya has diverted millions of pounds of medical supplies from landfill and as a result, we have created access and care for thousands abroad.

    Afya needs lots of volunteers to sort, gather and collect supplies and help us with fundraising.

    Thank you amazing woman, we are so grateful to know you and to have your support!

    With love, Danielle

  2. […] Click here to read more about Danielle Butin and the AFYA Foundation! […]

  3. […] Click here to read more about Danielle Butin and the AFYA Foundation! […]

  4. […] Click here to read more about Danielle Butin and the AFYA Foundation! […]

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